About the author

contact: tony@inspirationalleads.com
Roots in teaching

Tony Mallett is a Leeds-based leadership and resilience coach, a speaker, an avid lifelong learner, and an Ofsted accredited ‘outstanding’ teacher, with twenty-five years’ teaching experience. Tony’s teaching career has always focused on enabling young people struggling with learning barriers to foster new mindsets, transforming doubt into confidence and providing them with a vision for a different, sustainable and more fulfilling future. Tony’s knack for unlocking deeper levels of self-belief in his students earned him the nickname ‘Mr Mallett Magic’ within his school’s community.

Leap into entrepreneurism

In 2019, he developed a highly innovative gamification microlearning platform designed to help young people develop greater confidence in communicating and applying twenty-four critical competency skills to help support their transition from education into the dynamic and challenging world of work.

In 2021, his ideas earnt him a place on the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme (MIT REAP) entitled ‘BUILD’, which is run in conjunction with Leeds City Council; it focuses on building a more sustainable and inclusive future. This opportunity provided Tony with the opportunity to create wider connections and support within the West Yorkshire business ecosystem.

Book project

Tony’s new book ‘Inspirational leads – your complete guidebook for navigating the jungle of work life’, evolved steadily throughout this busy entrepreneurial period. Tony’s determination to embark on this project was fuelled by his desire to challenge the norm, evolve fresh and innovative ways to engage young readers, and create the holistic go-to resource that he always wished had been available early on in his own working career. Intrinsic to Tony’s approach to creating content for his book is his commitment to remaining true to his four key values: inspiration, education, creativity and personal growth.

The future

Tony is currently working on broadening the long-term vision for his business by developing a fully interactive, large-scale version of his gamification learning platform that can be used outdoors at business networking or investment events. He’s also busy developing ‘The Lead Foundation’ – a long-term vision in which a percentage of the profit from the leadership training his company provides goes toward funding international environmental projects that focus on both the preservation of plants and animals within tropical rainforests and reducing climate change.

Tony loves being creative and is a successful published song composer, musician, aviation-magazine writer, model maker and artist; he has a passion for exploring the great outdoors, especially through jogging twice a week and pottering around in his garden allotment.